DPE: Digital Preservation Europe - Video Training

    WePreserve Forum 2008, Friday, 17th October 2008

  1. European Initiatives in Digital Preservation, DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE), and WePreserve, Seamus Ross: Video

  2. Planets project, Hans Hofman: Listen

  3. CASPAR project, Esther Conway: Video

  4. nestor project, Stefan Strathman: Listen

  5. Practical ways to tackle digital preservation using DPE tools and services, Jan Hutar: Video

  6. Planets Testbed, Seamus Ross: Video

  7. Preserving complex digital objects in a cultural heritage setting: keeping born digital music alive for centuries, Jerome Barthelemy: Video

nestor project

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Author: Stefan Strathman


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